John Jory has been serving the Lord Jesus since he was twenty-six years old. While serving in the U.S. Air Force another commander-in-chief had plans for him. Since that faith filled day on Rattle Snake Road in Tampa Florida, John has been serving Jesus through many avenues. As a passionate gospel minister he has brought God’s word in power and conviction to many in leading God’s flocks. As a teacher he is uniquely gifted to illuminate the treasures of the Bible. Husband of Sue, father of Edward, daughter Jamie and James, John desires to show himself approved by the life he lives and the families, spiritual and carnal, God has entrusted him with. The story of how he acquired the pen name SMHG John is on the Short Poems page. If you wish to contact him feel free to at or on face book @ SMHG.John.

        Similar to our walk with the Lord, this page is under construction and is ever changing.
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