Nervously I stood before the concert hall
Feeling rather sheepish and strangely small
And spoke with a Godly man, Jack
Who must have seen my spiritual lack

He beckoned his wife to come near
Saying Nancy, I want to introduce you dear
To this man John whose name is not odd
For he is a Servant of the Most High God

The words he spoke, caused me to see
What a kind encourager was he
There he showed God’s way to heavenly wealth
Is to esteem others better than yourself

In times of trial God has sent my way
I’ve recalled the Words he spoke that day
And though I stray and sometimes stumble
Their truth has kept me faithful and humble

For I am the servant and He the Master
No day with Him is ever a disaster
Though I was saved, new ground I trod
When I became a Servant of the Most High God.