Happy Birthday Becky

God hears the songs sung only in the heart
He knows from where the sorrows did start
He draws us closer when we want to depart
For He sees our souls as His heavenly art

God hears the cry born deep in the soul
His plan delivers and makes completely whole
Faithful servants under His Spirit’s control
Restoring the treasure the evil one stole

Birthdays come but once every year
Guess that’s what makes each one so dear
Born of His Spirit to live without fear
One birthday from Him makes all things clear

Today we remember what a blessing you are
But it’s not your birthday that makes you a star
Jesus within you is like honey in a jar
If this was a race you’d be His pace car

Touching broken lives is not just a game
With words from the Spirit they’re never the same
One life at a time a new birthday proclaims
Thank God for Becky who carries His flame

Happy Birthday my friend!