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  1. Joshua says:

    In addition to the daily post it would be nice to once again see a poem or two. If you are up to it please post some of your more theologically bent writings. All in all, thank you for the service you do for the kingdom of God.

  2. Joshua says:

    OK, so here is the thought I would like to drop.
    Reference: Good Ole’ Jonah
    Though Jonah was seemingly at peace with his sin the ship’s crew was suffering greatly.
    Question: Do the ripples we make rock the boats of others while leaving our little slice of the pond calm? Can we inwardly not see the effect our disobedience has on the faces of those around us?

    • SMHG says:

      That’s a good thought to go along with my post today. The short answer is that Jonah did not care about the impact on others. Just as someone can be at perfect peace in the midst of terrible hardship or tragedy, even so someone in ignorant bliss or purposeful disobedience appear at peace for a short time. Remember, a speeding car hurtling toward a concrete barrier appears to be just fine doing what is natural until the predetermined SPLAT! more to come…

  3. Bill says:

    I find it Intriguing that so few folks leave comments. from the size of your hit counter, and depth of material I expected many more. Keep it up, I’ll be back

  4. SMHG says:

    Have you pondered on the Goat?
    These words that I wrote.
    Is there wisdom of note?
    Or just ramblings that I wrote?

  5. Kraft Matic says:

    I want to ask if you are sharing any of this with others?
    Are there bits here woth passing on?
    Or maybe have you passed a link out to someone?

    I would like to encourage you to do that.

  6. Joshua says:

    Great news, Ripples-Book has made it to the second page of a Google search. In the grand scheme of things this is tiny. However only one person needs be touched and directed to the Lord for it to all be worth while. I just maybe that one person.

  7. Joshua says:

    Your words are refreshing. The gift of God flows through you in your poetry. Thank you for your latest works.

  8. Joshua says:

    If Christ was not all human, with like emotions, would it have meant as much for Him to come to use as He did? That is to say when Jesus wept is it not the same as when we weep? What about when He became angry, have we not shared in simalar actions?
    Paul tells us we have the “mind of Christ” and yet our thoughts are not His thoughts. Then is it possible to have the same emtional responses and feelings as Jesus without the emotional intelligence? Are we not created in Their image?

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