Revival Is

Revival is a state of mind where dead bones come alive

When once again your lowly spirit seeks with God to thrive

The lazy ways of your past jump in to overdrive

Gleaming eyes and quickened thoughts buzz like a beehive

And everywhere you look is a heart for the gospel to arrive

Revival’s purpose rides with those spreading His glorious tale

Knowing that the time is short, yet going without fail

Finding souls in need of love, theirs lives a mournful wail

Giving words of joy and comfort, warning them of hell

Praying they might believe the cross, the blood and the nails

Revival means that we forgot, from whence we were hewn

And that the love of Christ in us, has brought us back in tune

Some may shout and some may sing while others simply swoon

The God of grace flows from above to save us all from ruin

And in His Word tells us to, be about what we must be doing

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  1. Joshua says:

    Thank you for the new writing.

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