Navidad La Esperanza

Promised to Mary and Joseph as well
To come to the place where they did dwell
The Hope of Salvation from torment and hell
By one Holy Spirit planted embryonic cell
Faithfully waiting for this very hour
As God with us came forth in power
No lily of the valley was a finer flower
Yet evil was poised in hate to devour
Messengers brought forth their cry
To nurturing shepherds where they lie
Defenders of innocence under the sky
Nary a one of them called Rabbi
Blessed in thetemple of Elizabeth and Simon
Their eyes beholding God’s Holy diamond
Who chose in His love to spend some time in
A body of flesh for our heavenly climbin’
When He had suffered His passion for men
He rose from the grave in victory over sin
Proclaiming new hope could be known once again
Desiring it might be recalled now and then
All of the love and Hope this represents
Is proclaimed each Christmas ever since
A time to remember a birth so immense
The hope of cleansing every offense
As the chosen of God we are told
Ours is to spread joy and His story unfold
For it is each of our hearts where we do hold
The Story of Jesus that never grows old.

 La Esperanza  means “Hope

Christmas means “Hope