God Said

God said, “Do it.”
I said, “Who me?”        How can it be?          
When I cannot see.         Surely I plea,    You mean not me. 
God said, “Yes you.”
You are the one           I chose to run            
With my Son               To those undone     And under the gun 
God said, “Ripple.”
What can it mean?      For some to glean    
Searching between   Unknown and foreseen     Goodness so clean 
God said, “Why wait?”
So now is the time              To work on a rhyme     
That’ll help some climb    Out of the slime    By thoughts divine
God said, “Well done.”
I’ve chosen right       Though you felt fright     
Walk in my light         Make futures bright    By what you write 
God said, “Finish.”
This race is for you           Just simply be true
Despite what some do    And choose to go to    I’ll carry you through
Then I said, “Yes Lord.”
It’s my desire       To burn with Your fire
As you inspire     I’ll be Your crier     In all You require 
Then I said, “Help me.”
When I’m alone        It’s then I groan
For I have blown    What I’ve been shown    By what I’ve sown 
Then I said, “It’s You.”
You’re all I need     So I can proceed
In every deed           For you have freed      Me to succeed 
Then I said, “Nothing.’”
Naught that is mine    Gains the finish line
My heart must align   With what You assign      Keep me in the vine 
Then I said, “Thank You.”
No other sound                  Can truly abound
Or with truth resound    The glory unbound      On those You have crowned 
God said, “I AM.”
I AM your all in all    I AM not small
So be the most tall    And on your face sprawl     For you’ve heard my call
SMHG John 

2 Responses to God Said

  1. Joshua says:

    Check out the spacing! How long did it take to figure that out? How to comment on the words another time.

  2. SMHG says:

    Thanks, worked out pretty well

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