Ripples Order Info

      Ripples may be purchased from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or Xulon Press in both eBook ($7.49) and paperback ($14.99 or less).  

Or directly from the author by either cash, check or paypal
Now only $9.99 (Pickup or delivered locally)
 $11.00 including shipping
Autographed upon request
Please Send Check or Money Order (Cash) To:
John Jory
3190 Chestnut Ln NE
Millersport,Ohio 43046


5 Responses to Ripples Order Info

  1. Joshua says:

    Great book John! It was very nice to take a walk with you through the journey of your life. The chilling tale of the frozen lake was moving. I like the short poems mixed with short stories. The book was captivating. Thank you for casting the stone.

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