The Millionaire

I remember the time when his grandfather said “Someday that boy will be a millionaire”. He was admiring our youngest son’s talent for doing amazing things when he had very little to work with. It seems he always could find a solution when a challenge presented itself. He had clever ideas and was able to put things together and make them happen. Several times he would come up with a new way to do something or a gadget and just a few months later an almost identical item would appear on the market. He was bright, cheerful, and obedient in ways that made mom and dad very proud. Yet he was all boy. Some of his antics caused us to wonder if he could survive his own brilliance.

His grandpa had just witnessed one of his more precious moments and stated what he believed to be the truth. Life has a way of turning down interesting paths. Our son excelled in most things he tried. He learned quickly and tried many things. He liked football and quickly become the coaches favorite by doing things right every time. He took flying lessons at an early age and when he learned football injuries might keep him from becoming a pilot he gave up football. He was a miser with money, carefully saving what he earned. He always had a goal in mind and was not afraid to spend what he had for just the right thing; at a great price of course.

He had trusted Christ as his Savior at an early age, almost too early to remember. He was faithful in church and was constantly used in a variety of musical ministries.

Then, in a moment of uncharacteristic lack of the carefulness for which he was so well known, he cut off his thumb. The surgeries and transfusions restored most of the thumb, but left him debilitated for years from tainted blood. It was extremely difficult. His approach was “this is just another mountain God has given me to climb”.  Mom and dad were devastated as they watched his bright future seemingly destroyed so unfairly.  The million dollar future disappeared as he struggled through years of despair.

He was mostly faithful in church even during the hardest times. Occasionally the effects of the diseases were convenient excuse to no attend, but usually he was there. The spiritual tug of war on the inside was hidden to most. Maybe it was out of duty to his parents as church leaders. Maybe it was just a force of habit; he had never known a time when he was not in church.

Yet through the next few years of depression and anxiety, God brought him to the brink of the most important question any soul can answer. “Do you really belong to Me? Or is the world, its fame and pleasure your desire?”  After struggling with the choices he came to complete obedience to the one who spared his soul. Whether he could remember being saved as a young child or not, he now knew whose he was and which King he would serve.

The passion and fire returned. His musical skills and the gifts from the Lord burned within and came pouring forth as he followed the Spirit of the living God within. Wherever he went he was used to minister. His unique abilities were deeply appreciated by those the Lord led him to. Soon he settled in a small ministry coming alive with a renewed spirit of revival and prophecy.  For the first time in many years he began spending more time away from home than at home.

Today he came home early in the wee hours of the morning after recording and participating in a multi hour worship session on a Monday evening. He has traveled hundreds of miles to participate in similar worship ministry opportunities. The admiration and appreciation of those he ministers with is obvious and abundant. He spends three to four days each week serving and using his gifts in this way. Recently it was Washington D.C., soon it will be Chicago.

Perhaps a far cry from the millionaire his grandfather saw. But I think maybe not so far. I needed to borrow his car to drive to work today. Since he had come in so late, I didn’t get a chance to speak to him. As I approached the car, I noticed the side window had been written on with one of those crayon markers made for glass. It said ‘We Love You James!” Here was a young man following his Lord being appreciated for his contribution. I was almost in tears. Then I saw the back window.

This for any parent, any servant of God was the million dollar window.  It said simply:


                   What would you give to know that you were in a right relationship with the God of the Universe? What price could be too high to see the children which God had given you serving Him faithfully? What in eternity will matter more? That he made a million dollars or that he has lain up in heaven riches beyond compare? Those tears flow easily at moments like this. And I knew what is said was right. His relationship with the Savior had long ago exceeded any expectations the world might have had for riches. Reading the windows on that car and then getting to drive it for a hundred miles for everyone to see made my million dollar day.

I hope he does someday become wealthy with the treasures of this world in a way that will allow him to do greater things for the Lord. I hope he remains obedient and faithful to the Holy calling upon his life. I hope he finds a lovely servant of God to share his love with and provide some grand children for my wife and I to love. My hope is in Jesus the Christ. But beyond all hope I am secure in knowing him, as that Mighty Man of God and my son. He may never be that millionaire but I feel like I am.

 Matthew 19:29 And everyone that has forsaken houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or lands for my name’s sake, shall receive an hundredfold and shall inherit eternal life,

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