The Pig Pen

The Pig Pen

I wonder where all my friends have gotten to
They said I was the greatest and I believed it was true
I used to be the latest fun thing but now I’m through
My money is all gone and I don’t know what to do
It’s been spent on the boys, the babes and the brew

My joyous songs are now become so blue
I’m left alone digging in this place that’s taboo
For something that’s vile and repulsive to chew
I’ve played my cards so I’ll pay what is due
I’m the fool who made the choices which I now rue

The ones who now love me are less than few
Remembering where the bounty in my childhood grew
There’s only one who can make all things new
But just in case you really haven’t got a clue
I’ve spent enough time in this sty and zoo

I’m going to my Father’s house to pursue
His love and forgiveness that’s ever new
I’m not worthy of favor in anyone’s view
My life is in for a tough judicial review
And honest condemnation seems long overdue

But wait; His words sound like they’re all askew
What is this love and mercy I’ve come home to
How can I be welcomed with all this hullabaloo
Oh how He loves me and has chosen to renew
My place in His house without sin’s accrue

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