Roaring Silence

Hearing the deafening roaring I wake
Wondering what in the world could make
Such a rumbling trembling shake
Sounding like a fearful earthquake
But that’s not it, so I will take
Another breath from the lake
Of air where I swim and partake
Of the roaring, silence does make
There are some who hear profound
Whose mind discerns the tiniest sound
Their ears have power to confound
Every soft stepping tip-toer around
So loud above, below, all around
Consuming thoughts, for I am bound
Wishing its painful source be unwound
That in silence it might be drowned
Not mine I fear and cry the more
Whence comes this distasteful roar
The source must lie beyond the door
Somewhere past where my feet touch the floor
Not the ocean arguing with the shore
Certainly far from what I care for
It holds not the beauty of musical score
Nor the harsh disaster of man on man war
I strain to find direction or resource
And soon discover in good course
The raucous noise I desire to divorce
Has not the strength of a stampeding horse
Nor is it caused by one raspy and hoarse
But dwells within all its fury and force
In the silence of my brooding remorse
For my lonely thoughts are surely the source