One Contact

One contact is due
One or two will do

Is more good for you
Abundance Tis true
Might turn your heart blue

Some should get a clue
One or two will do

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Here’s What is Left

When all of my joys have been felt and all of my pleasures known, as I am seeking to know the meaning of things and why we have strayed so far, then I will see and know what is left. Unanswered questions and unrealized truths will cease to be. In the flash between what is and what is to be, I will see what is left. Continue reading

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After Life

One of the most interesting questions for mortals is the “What’s after THIS life?” In the frame of reference of this seventy or eighty year existence, what comes next? What was before? Why can’t we remember? And should I be in a hurry to get where I’m going?
To be honest none of us expect to really know or understand until we get there; wherever “There” is. A recent movie plot showed that after the “AfterLife” was proven, suicide went up dramatically. I guess if you thought you screwed this one up, the next existence might be better. Continue reading

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It Continues

The thoughts still come. I often wonder if they should be continued. Time and life continue and so they get left behind. Few seem worthy or necessary to be remembered. Lies are most of the “truth” given these days and trust is a distant memory. Still hope continues. Battered and worn by the continual onslaught of selfishness, truth fades. Hundreds of years ago the prophet Isaiah wrote that there was coming a time when what was right would be considered wrong and what was wrong would be considered right. Surely this must be that time.
The good which could be done is overshadowed by the evil which desires to be promoted. The preciousness of life is tarnished by the selfish lusts of living and experience. Sleeping bugs and snakes are preserved while unborn human babies are merely inconveniences to be eliminated. Some call it murder. Some give it no more consideration than taking out the trash.
Evil replaces good and the empty void replaces love. Still it is not destroyed. Love is yet cherished and sought and found. Life, full and free, abounds. Hope rises as cream. Fear and despair cease to be resolute. The tide turns and truth seeks to prevail. When it does, Life continues, the thoughts still come

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