Change Comes

We are invincible. We are eternal. We are amazing and resilient and capable of so much more than we can possibly think or imagine. We are created in the very image of the one who created us. Then we, in our perspective, are limited to this mortal fleshly body, on this planet, with an uncertain future, in a state of denial towards the Creator through the rejection of our forefathers. We see and perceive through a darkened glass as though what is real and present is mystical and distant. So which are we? As we are created or as we perceive through the deception we are fed daily? Continue reading

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My Friend Randy

In the early days we seldom consider the tremendous impact which small things have in our lives. Abilene Texas was a place where such an event took place. Randy and I were co-laborers in a small church in turmoil. I was the legalistic, narrow minded, only doctrine matters, young preacher and Randy was the son of such a man, wanting to explode the love of Christ free in those who claimed Jesus as Savior. Continue reading

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The Last Christmas

It wasn’t her age, nor her frailty, but it was very likely her last Christmas. Every year it had been the joys of the season, the uplifting music, the smiles and the twinkling eyes. Every year the remembrance of who we honor and why we give gifts at all, were important elements of those special days. Snowflakes falling with a brisk chilly breeze always brought out the heavy coats and dry socks in boots. There were cookies and candies, aromas and delights. Hot chocolate of the most exquisite texture warmed from the lips to the belly. Kindness and joy-filled greetings were found on every corner. Even the persistently grumpy Scrooges were softened by the goodwill of the times. Hers was a remembrance of kindness in the heart and goodwill toward men. Abundance shared and caroling voices safely drowned out the clamoring for selfish self-promotion. At least once a year it could be obvious that Christ reigned supreme. Even if it was only as a little child. Continue reading

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Fear No Fear

One of my greatest fears is that I would walk in the presence of greatness and not allow it to affect me for good. I have walked in your presence and you have deeply and profoundly changed my way of life and thinking for good, for the cause of Christ. No fear is found there.

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