Here’s What is Left

When all of my joys have been felt and all of my pleasures known, as I am seeking to know the meaning of things and why we have strayed so far, then I will see and know what is left. Unanswered questions and unrealized truths will cease to be. In the flash between what is and what is to be, I will see what is left.
Longing for value and purpose based on the comparisons presented by others never seems to fulfill. Declaring truth and standing in the citadel of its surety props up my self worth but only in my own mind. Having possessed and scheming to obtain more is an endless journey. All things, even relationships require a level of maintenance which soon exchanges the master for the servant. Relinquishing all worldly possessions and title provides clarity for a trifling short time. To be or not to be; to have or to not have are not the relevant questions we might suppose. Nor are they answers.
What is left is not left thinking nor right thinking. It is not middle of the road, steering clear and the extremes. It is not great insight nor blindness. It is merely Good or evil.
Evil consumes any and everything else for the sake of self aggrandizement. It is self adoration,. It is ascribing to itself the the creative and innovative substance of all which it has no morale right to. It is immoral. And by reason of logic, if there is an immoral, there must be a moral for it to be opposed to.
Holy is a word derived from good or goodness. It is the epitome of virtue. It is the most good that good can be. It is the good which evil cannot become. It is by its very nature and purpose, at the furthest end of what is opposed to evil that can be. And while it rests on that pinnacle of difference, it cannot be tainted nor influenced with any stain from evil.
For those who seek, evil will provide a limitless supply of opportunities to claim the attributes and forces which bear no semblance to everlasting value, comfort, or rest.
The Goodness of Holy measures all other objectives and existences to itself and finds them wanting. The peace and rest, the prosperity of being without the taint of evil, even the shameless glowing of good survives and stands alone.
That which I have done for my pleasure, my profit and my promotion is vanished in the moment I succumb to the presence of good.No evil, regardless of how small or how well intended, can enter into its realm. It is all Good. It is What is Left.

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