The Story Oft Told

The story of Jesus, has often been told
To listeners of tales, both young and old
Near embers of fire, while outside is cold
The majesty of its glory, His saints will unfold
They’ll speak of His birth, ‘neath the starlit sky
And of the Angels proclaiming, Glory on High
The shepherds saw first, the babe who’d not cry
Then told it to everyone, whom they passed by
The Magi came next, when He was a child
As His cousin John, prepared in the wild
Mary and Joseph, they pondered and smiled
While Jesus grew in wisdom, and mercy so mild
The priests heard the twelve-year old boy expound
Answering questions from wise ones all around
Explaining that God’s great grace would abound
As the Savior of Israel soon would be found
Then was the miracle of the water and wine
For the children of Jacob, the anticipated sign
Then the bread and the fish on which they’d dine
And the healing of sickness that showed Him divine
The time of His departure then was at hand
But fear gripped the hearts of His faithful band
Foul liars and evil ones schemed and planned
For He must suffer and die for the sins of man
Crucified and buried, three days in the grave
Brought fruit to the promise that our great God gave
Sin was atoned and all He will save
Who come as a child to be His bond slave
Those who rebel will be cast into the fire
Meant for fallen angels and thieves and the Liar
Now Jesus will reign, o’er us and the heavenly choir
For we are His Love, His Hope, and His Desire
The story’s not over, for yet to be heard
Is the rejoicing of angels, that will surely be stirred
When your heart to Jesus responds at His Word
And the miracle of salvation once more has occurred