Why Ripples

    Of the many Christian  poems, paper, books and songs John has written, the work giving life and breath to this site is his latest writing entitled Ripples. Ripples is the first of his manuscripts to go into print. As one can imagine it is a with great joy and wonder he has been blessed by Jehovah with such an undertaking. Our hope is that the Glory of God will shine into your life through this new book, along with all of the other gems to be gleaned from this site. Feel free to add your comments below each piece.


        The main purpose of this site is to convey real experienced Christian life through written form. Font and font size may make it difficult for pleasurable reading. I myself like the feel of a book and turning the pages. The touch,feel, and control over the text adds to the reading experience. Some times this aspect can be lost in cyberspace. However, you may change some features of the words you view on the net. To do this press “Ctrl” and “+” key at the same time to make the words bigger, press “Ctrl” and “-” key at the same time to make the words smaller. This tip and the gained control over the text may aid you in reading the many wonderful works on this page.

5 Responses to Why Ripples

  1. Anthony says:

    I am impressed, I also really like the links to the right! God bless you John

  2. Emily says:

    God is so wonderful.

  3. Joshua says:

    John, to date I am doing one of the two commands I was given from our Lord. The first one is easy, the secular usually is. The other task is no different than the one he has called all of us to do. I leave you with this questions: If I am to do what everyone else ought to do, why must I do it differently?

  4. SMHG says:

    The often used definition of insanity is doing the same thing in the same way and expecting different results. You must only do it differently if you want different results. Without your eyes open, do you think you want the results you see in them?

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