After Life

One of the most interesting questions for mortals is the “What’s after THIS life?” In the frame of reference of this seventy or eighty year existence, what comes next? What was before? Why can’t we remember? And should I be in a hurry to get where I’m going?
To be honest none of us expect to really know or understand until we get there; wherever “There” is. A recent movie plot showed that after the “AfterLife” was proven, suicide went up dramatically. I guess if you thought you screwed this one up, the next existence might be better.
There are some folks who claim to remember or through hypnotic regression seem to recall former life experiences.Not reincarnation exactly but a wandering soul passing from body to body, hopefully learning as they go. Few people recall any of the experience in their mother’s womb. A nine month growing, feeding, warm and cuddly time of preparation for the next existence, Life.
There are those who claim our previous lives prepare us to be better people in the current or future ones. Others se the next one as penance or punishment. Some hold to the moment of physical, biological conception as the beginning of a soul’s time and the next lfe as an eternal state of bliss or torment. Fascinating if you let yourself ponder it.
Then there is all the stuff. Accumulations of knowledge and possessions and relationships and finally whom to burden them with when you pass on. Perhaps we value and gather houses and land and boats and cars and planes and trinkets and animals and even people as ways to imitate the creator we imagine to have placed us here. Or we just feel it is the thing to do because we have seen others do so. In our time we write wills and testaments to influence how the fight over possession of what we have left behind will go. Our lasting legacy is that we thought we were somebody and we are no longer in the body.
So if the next life is wonderful, why do we tenaciously attempt to extend every moment in this one? Probably because we do NOT know.We have a set of beliefs and hopes and suppositions based of facts and stories we have learned We cannot prove the afterlife in a physical concrete way, so we pray it is there. Either to our dead ancestors of our creator or alien masters or Spirits or something. And when we get there, and we all will; we will discover what it s and probably what is next. But there have not been too many who have come back after crossing over to warn whoever of us is next.

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