Well, it turns out, that it is not life as you envisioned it;
When you compare to what you thought might be for a bit.
Seems you had some pretty fanciful ideas of life;
You thought there’d be no struggle, no fear, no strife.

Still each of those which unexpectedly came to pass;
Allowed you see the color of the other side’s grass.
No pain, no sorrow, no difficult days were your hope;
Yet distance and longing drove near the end of your rope.

Beauty shone and love blossomed, your future seemed so bright;
Scars and heartaches stormed in, to blast the dimming light.
Sadness passed, new days came at last and again life was good;
You laughed aloud to think how much you had misunderstood.

The fantasies, dreams and ridiculous “What will it brings”;
Surrendered to harsh reality and other everyday things.
Over time it was easy to see, you chose the paths you crossed;
And though the dreams weren’t met nor were they truly lost.

Lies just steal, but truth is real, as is the God who cares more;
Who by His love, brought you to your knees, on a cold bare floor.
Now there are memories, built into mountains of joyful treasure;
All crafted by the parts of life, your fantasies failed to measure.

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