God’s Joys

There must be a God in Heaven, who takes particular joys;
In seeing His children pleasured, by His choices for their toys.

He knows the needs they have, He provides for every care
And just to prove His love, He has great treasures to share.

He gives us skills and talents, so we will think we have earned,
All the blessings we can share, in this life where we’ve sojourned.

The desires of our hearts come, from His Loving kindness now,
As each day He gives fully, while we just wonder how.

What is the greatest goal, which treasure would you have?
Would it be your song with Him, or a touch of healing salve?

He has already sent it, for He knows the needs of each;
There is no joy, no treasure, His love withholds from your reach.

Why would you seek another, where would more joy come from?
For He claims there is no other, and you’re really not that dumb.

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