He Is Peace

There is a peace so pleasant and profound that the breeze blows though the trees without sound and the mighty waving of the limbs cause no leaves to fall. Terror and drama have disappeared.

Memories of tragedy and sorrow seem so distant that you question if you might wake up and yet you know you are already awake. It is the most beautiful precious flavorful presence of the Lord of Glory. In His presence toil and trouble and life itself must be swallowed up in peace.

Yet, He has recorded for us in His love letters that it is in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, we are completely transformed from temporary physical beings into the eternal joys promised by His provision.

He is Yahweh The father of all glory. The creator, worshiped One, Holiness demanded and promised.

He is the song of our hearts, the provision through daily struggles, the meeter of every need we can conceive. Yahweh is the leader of His people through the deserts of sin and the light in the darkness of being unable to see past the physical.

He alone is the thundering on the mountain declaring the power to raise up and to tear down. It is His glow on the face of those who have been with Him which defines the change which translates the souls of all who trust His way. He is the Father of the Son in a relationship that defies our human ability to comprehend.

His is the Spirit of His presence without name. He is inseparable from the Father and the Son. He is the comforter in men. His presence brings power and evidence of Heaven in mere mortals. He is the changer of those who have been stripped away by disobedience.

He is the convincer of sin, restorer of the mind, giver of joy, and bringer of remembrance to the heart. Every thought of the mind of God revealed in His written Word is replayed through His bringing of it into the heart at the very moment it is needed to draw closer to Him.

Once He has been invited in, He will never leave. He is the peace settling every past turmoil. He is the earnest of the promise. God who cannot lie is timeless in His fulfillment. He is the very spirit of the One who sits enthroned by the praise and adulation of all creation.

He is Joy and fellowship. He is the brother who cannot be closer, The Master who serves the slave, the Child who is King, the purpose of living for those who are truly alive. He is Savior, Sovereign, Satisfier, and the Seeker of your soul. You cannot pray for something, somewhere or someone to be in peace without praying for them to have Him.

You cannot attain to the heights He has intended for you without Him. As a vessel is created to hold a precious substance, so you are created with a perfectly prepared place for the proper portion of Him. He in you and you in Him.

He is peace so pleasant and profound that the very realms of nature are insufficient to described a single instant of being His. I am His cup which overflows. He is the the maker of every indescribably beautiful momentary thought within His creation made to ascribe to Him alone all glory and praise.

He is Peace. He is my peace.

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  1. Carol D. says:

    Loved this post! So true!!

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