Will I Fail?

There is no pedestal no matter how high,
Where you can put me, from which I can’t fly.
Admire and praise me with adoring eyes,
I promise to fail before morning draws nigh
I’m talented beyond many men it’s true;
In ways that will soon surely disappoint you
Though goodness and mercy I desire to accrue,
Wickedness and cruelty rise there too
I’m not depressed or worried you see,
Just confident in what sin has done in me
Forgiveness is why Jesus died on Calvary,
And in His liberty we stand before Him free
So though I will fail at some point again,
Jesus has promised there’s a victory to win
By trusting in His finished sacrifice for sin,
I’ve become a new creation in the old skin
Being called Christian means living right,
Even when you feel you’re losing the fight
Reading His word and trusting in His might,
Is the best way to be pleasing in His sight
Still it’s not wise to trust in just a man,
One who is only a small piece of God’s plan
Just know that with good purpose it all began,
And will soon be perfect just because God can.
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