If There Was a Law

If there was a law which said that you could not warn your children of evil. If it said that you could not protect them from that which would pull them away from you and cause them to not even recognize you as the source of their life. If there was a law that said that wicked men and women could use them for selfish perverse pleasure and abuse them without you being able to intervene, would you obey it?

Would you tell your children that you brought them into this world in order to mutilate and humiliate them and bring them to harm for someone’s evil amusement. Would you gladly explain how it is okay for them to be involved in things which would cause them pain and agony and torment all the days of the miserable wretched life you purposed for them?

Would you give shelter and comfort to those who would grotesquely satisfy their own evil lusts in front of you while your sweet precious children are devoured and stripped of joy, peace, innocence and love?

Would you defend such perpetrators as having a right to their own view of what is right to do unto you and your children?

Would you say NO!?

Then why would you REFUSE to tell someone about the Love of Jesus when it is the one thing which can keep them from the pain and sorrow and evil of rejecting His love? Even if someone says it is wrong.

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