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Unwanted Advice

As I sat down beside him, he didn’t say a word I wondered what encouragement he hadn’t heard He held tight to the bottle to which he’d been lured By the promised strength it was said to gird

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Our Girl and Boys

When I desire the things of life which give the greatest joys, I dwell not on the richest gifts but on the girl and boys. You may have more than I or perhaps are not yet there, But I think … Continue reading

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All Babies are Born

All babies are born. All babies will die; Even though they may not be babies anymore in your eyes. Jesus said “Suffer (allow) they little children to come unto Me”. He also said “Except you become as little children you … Continue reading

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Delights, Disappointments and Defining Moments

Delights come in varying packages for each of us. Those things which brings us comfort, joy, satisfaction or other pleasant emotions qualify as delights. Food often tops the list although specifics vary greatly over regions and textures. Appropriate rewards for … Continue reading

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