Unwanted Advice

As I sat down beside him, he didn’t say a word
I wondered what encouragement he hadn’t heard
He held tight to the bottle to which he’d been lured
By the promised strength it was said to gird

I thought of the tears and crying I’d done
When I was where he was at and couldn’t run
Life holds you hard and weighs like a ton
When you can’t get away to bask in the sun

He sucked down another swallow without a glance
What was I doing here thinking I had a chance
His needs were simple no matter my stance
And my words were not going to change his trance

So I picked up a napkin and dabbed at his chin
He wasn’t sloppy except when he’d grin
Someday I would hope to explain where I’d been
Ya know, How things were for me back then

Then I threw my arm around him and said with some glee
Hope you’re enjoying that between you and me
Cuz after the drinking you’ll need a good pee
And you’ll have to use a glass when you turn three

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2 Responses to Unwanted Advice

  1. Rosalie Montgomery says:

    Awesome John as always, Merry Christmas to you and yours. Live y’all

  2. Rosalie Montgomery says:

    Love y’all

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