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The Door God Has Opened
It is 30 minutes until quitting time in most offices, shops and stores. Thirty minutes until the day is done and the next phase begins. Maybe supper, or a drive, some boating time, the list is endless. For someone it may be the end of a career. God arranges our lives in ways that sometimes seems inconvenient. There are beginnings and there are changes. Eventually there are ends. Ends are times when the continuance is finished. What was done before is accomplished or unnecessary or handed off to someone else. Many times what has been, becomes preparation for what will be. When the thirty minutes has passed, there may be an eyes open wide amazement as God reveals His desires.
I am thrilled for those who get to change. The security of sustained superior performance delights those who depend upon your efforts. You profit your company, enhance the lives of others and provide for the needs of those you love. They all believe in you. They trust you. They confidently admire you. Yet in thirty minutes, you enter a change. It may be your last day of work. It may be the first day of the new thing you have been waiting for.

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