Our Girl and Boys

When I desire the things of life which give the greatest joys,
I dwell not on the richest gifts but on the girl and boys.

You may have more than I or perhaps are not yet there,
But I think my three will agree who has the longest hair.

To have such godly treasure to behold and follow,
Reminds me that the Father of all loves the tiny swallow.

They are gifts so great with many talents by which they shine,
Oh how I love the Lord who has allowed them to be mine.

I’m not so dumb as I once was, for they have now grown older.
And they are certain of the love of the true life holder.

Words can rhyme and songs can blend and goose bumps give a tingle,
But to see their hearts given to Him and His Spirit intermingle,

Is the desire of every godly man who prays their ways be right;
And this my joy I have until I make my heaven bound flight.

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