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Where’s Your Father

My 42 year old son recently sent me this amazing email: ‘I worked 12 hours today and it felt worthless until I got home and heard this story. Today my daughter ā€œJā€ found a classmate crying at recess because her … Continue reading

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Shiny Red Bicycle

They were nine maybe ten years old. He was an only child. He was loved by his hard working father and his mother. Although he did not have many friends he was well mannered and handsome. He respected others and … Continue reading

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Like Dancing with the Lord

Watching the sun come up on the first day of the year with my granddaughter. No birds are chirping. One lone squirrel scampers across the barren tree limbs. Even the few dangling brown leaves are unmoved by the gentle breeze. … Continue reading

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Piles of Decorations

One of the more interesting decorating accomplishments you may see in our home is piles of coins scattered in virtually every room of the house. When coins come out of pockets, they are placed on the nearest available counter or … Continue reading

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