Where’s Your Father

My 42 year old son recently sent me this amazing email:
‘I worked 12 hours today and it felt worthless until I got home and heard this story. Today my daughter “J” found a classmate crying at recess because her dad and stepmom are planning to send her far away to a private school. This girl’s mom died from cancer shortly after her birth. The girl was distraught because she said her father was abandoning her.

“J” hugged her and held her and told her, “Don’t worry, you have a Father in Heaven who will always Love you and never abandon you”. The girl’s sob’s subsided, and, at that point, some of “J’s” classmates gathered around this girl with “J” and prayed for her.

Today was the two year anniversary of “J’s” mom’s cancer surgery. Having her mom hear this story from “J” tonight was the finest gift she could have received.’
Just about anyone who has any belief in God will find this heart tugging story an enjoyable lump in the throat moment. So as I am driving to work this morning, I glance at the unending string of headlights in my rear-view mirror. I am thinking, “How many of those people know there is a personal God in Heaven who will never abandon them?”

Then the follow on thought was “Who will be the one to tell them?” Is there someone in each life, in each office, school or restaurant who will be the one to do what “J” did? Would there be someone bold enough to pray for them. Could it be that I myself might?

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