All Babies are Born

All babies are born. All babies will die; Even though they may not be babies anymore in your eyes. Jesus said “Suffer (allow) they little children to come unto Me”. He also said “Except you become as little children you shall not see the kingdom of God”.

Sin when it is brought forth

Joy and Sorrow

It seems He views us as at our best when we are young enough to be untainted by evil. When we cease to be self-proclaimed women or men of great power and strength, we approach that most favorable state of being acceptable in His sight. Every man has declared and promoted his own worth. Yet all the good we do is as filthy rags compared to Him. He has made us acceptable. Murderers, adulterers, liars, thieves, covetous and so full of ourselves we have little room for Him. Yep, that is us at our best. But enough of the grade card. Let’s celebrate a little.

This has been a remarkable month. Some events have been so outstanding it is almost difficult to bear. Several struggling friends and acquaintances have been completely and miraculously healed. They have received the ultimate healing to suffer no more. And as the disciples explained to Jesus, “Lazarus is dead”. As are my friends. And if what we understand and believe to be true in God’s Holy Word, is in fact so, then they are more alive than I have ever been in my life. I celebrate their gathering around His throne and rejoice far above the sorrow of knowing they are gone. The sickness and disease no longer defines their daily battle. The disability no longer confines them. Their minds and bodies are set free to be all that the Lord purposed them to be for eternity.

New births are awesome and beautiful. First steps are exciting. Fresh accomplishments are distinguished and honored. Even the “less attractive” babies are easier on the eyes than what some of us have grown into. But that is just the outer appearance. Can you even imagine the great woman of God the Lord intends for this new born daughter of godly parents to be? Is it possible for us to grasp the impact which this new born son will have in spite of the seeming tragedy he may face in years to come? We have no idea how long they will be with us but we plan and believe for the duration. Children are a gift from the Lord. I don’t believe I have ever received anything from the Lord which I would want to return. Aunts and uncles and grandparents have just adjusted their budgets for the spoiling days ahead. And it is by their prayers and spiritual influence that this child will become a highly favored, mighty, servant of the most high God

As their earthly tabernacles, their bodies, are laid to rest for the final time, their influence is not yet finished. They have touched lives, written precious testimonies, left behind Bibles with notes and stories of promises fulfilled. The have tried and proven the scriptures and the faithfulness of God. Their last days and nights were filled with praises and prayers. Their joy was to see beyond the veil of this life and know the presence of their Savior drawing them home. Inexpressible understandings of the nearness to home at the end of their “just a passing through” only hastens their joy. Just as a baby in the womb has little concept of the beauty and majesty of the world they will soon be launched into, neither are we fully cognizant of all that the Lord has in store for those who love Him.

I want to be there. Honestly, I do. If I could be departed from this body of flesh, before I finish writing these thoughts, I could not be found happier. Of course I must appreciate the sorrow of those left behind. I totally grasp the financial and logistical toils which would come upon them. And for their sakes I am willing to remain for a time. But, I really, honestly, would rather be gone. I want to be a benefactor and a comfort and a guide to those who remain and trust me now. I want to again lead a new seeker in communicating their new found faith to a Holy Savior. I want to encourage and support and ease the burden of those who are benefitted by my spiritual gifts. I want to, and Jesus knows how long. He knows when. And that is good enough for me. I’m ready, whenever He allows.

If we are here long enough, our bodies have scars. We gain wrinkles and callouses. The sparkle in our eyes dim and the amazing strength of well-endowed muscles thin as time marches on. From the moment of conception we charge towards birth. Having won the victory of birth we grow and learn and meet every challenge to become the trophy of God’s design, just as Isaac and Rebecca were. Those who will be obedient and follow His plan will find their days long upon the earth which the Lord their God gives them. In His plan and by His favor many will gain a quiver full of His blessings. For thousands of years the cycle has continued. For an eternity His plan has unfolded and the providence of His love has provided sight for the blind and strength for the crippled. He established a hospital for the hurting and a spring of living water for the thirsty. He has given commandments to His ever faithful army and fulfilled every promise He ever made.  His angels have diligently complied with every order so those on earth might be able to understand exactly what is meant to say “On earth as it is in Heaven”.

Between the times when all babies are born and when all babies, of all ages, die there is a purpose. There is a power which is fully able to overpower each one of use but will not violate Himself by taking what is to be freely given. There is within every person the power to do other than God knows they will do, but they won’t. You could, but you won’t. He already knows. He knows your rebellion and your peace. He knows who receives your praise and who you will follow in eternity. He knows and He encourages and cheers you on and gladly places those obstacles in your path so that you might go in the way of His pleasing. But ultimately it is you. It is your choosing. From a child you have known the scriptures which are able to make you wise unto salvation. Every power and every effort of the evil imitator to hinder you is met with the promise of God’s deliverance and the assurance that your prayer has been heard as soon as it is uttered. Even if it takes three weeks to get past the prince of Persia to deliver you from the snares before you.

I do not long to die. I long to be home. And if the only means by which I might attain unto this perfection is the death of this physical body, then I welcome it with open arms. All in His plan. All according to His dictates. Not one moment sooner than His plan and certainly not one later. Being born once is life and joy. Being born again is life eternal and beyond measure. Herein is my joy complete: That I have been faithful in all He has desired of me. For those who are such will hear the crowning words “Well done good and faithful servant”. Then we shall enter into His rest. Then we shall know Him even as we are known. And the days of this light momentary affliction will be gone. And we will be Home! The greatest thing in all my world, in all my life, is loving YOU!

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