Sept 2012 The Reason for Steve’s Battle

Steve’s Battle

Based on the Bible’s account of the conversation between God and Satan over His faithful servant Job, I imagine there may have been a more recent conversation around the throne room of Jesus that went something like this:

“So, what have you been up to lately Satan?”

“Oh, just the usual, causing distrust, dissention and spreading disbelief. It seems to be so easy to get people to turn their backs on you that I am busy just counting my successes.”

“Perhaps it is because you are only winning those who are already yours. Have you considered my servant Steve who has been faithful in all of His ways?”

“Yeah, but what about the time he…”

“THAT is under the blood, I don’t remember it anymore!”

“Okay, but why wouldn’t he serve you? You’ve blessed him and protected him and given him a faithful loving wife. But if you let me at him, I’ll have him turning from you in no time.”

“Ha, Ha, Ha, you think so? My servants know that no circumstance that they face is without My express permission. And he knows I would only allow it for his good and My glory. So go ahead, give it a shot. But you are limited to what I permit. You may attempt to instill fear and doubt and physical suffering and whatever other tactics you think might work but you are wasting your time. No one will ever pluck any of my children out of my hand.”

So I would imagine that Satan went out to do just that. He brought distress and disease into the lives of some whom Steve knew just to plant and seeds which might take hold. Yet those difficult circumstances just emboldened Steve to spend even more time before God’s throne in prayer and praise.  Finally in desperation Satan attacked him physically and personally. Surely, this would cause an avalanche of questioning God.

Where was His protection now? Why did it happen to the faithful? Who would of thought that a good God would allow this? ”Surely this will bring me success once again” muttered Satan.

Yet he was unprepared for the torrent of prayer which was unleashed; not only by Steve and his family members but by the faithful family of God and those whom Steve’s love for God and caring for others had impacted for years.

Satan was hurled aside as the rushing tide of love seeking God’s desire and healing and glory. Yet he persisted. He would not let go. But he could not win. As he crawled back before the presence of the Lord, he was reminded of their earlier conversation.

“Did I not tell you my servants are faithful? In spite of all your efforts not only are they stronger, but look at all those that used to be yours who are strengthened and have believed because of their faithfulness. “

But then that is just what we imagine… Right?

Steve never lost the battle. His war was already won.

He trusted in his Savior to bring him home when his day was done.

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