What’s It Like When You Die?

I want to ask my friends what it is like to Die
Many of them have gone to their mansion in the sky
While I suppose some are in Hell for believing in the lie
Still I'd like to know what it's like to die

Was there a big fanfare when they reached the other side
Was the light warm and welcoming where they now abide
Did peace overcome their doubts and fears inside
Was the truth they believed what they found when they died

I want to know if pain was no longer a concern
Did the the joy they sang of cause their hearts to burn
Are they floating high above of the rules they thought so stern
Does what they now know match what they had to learn

Was there a grand entrance from this life to the next
Are they questioning why they got there or are they just perplexed
Can my question be answered without my my soul being vexed
Or Is there anyway they could just send a text

Did the things we seemed to think surely mattered most
Appear to be the matters preferred by the Holy Ghost
Or are they in another place feeling like burnt toast
Maybe they could get a moment to send a face book post

I'd really like to know what they see when they breathe their last and die
Will they know me when I get there and will I crawl or fly
Is it true that Jesus is the way, the truth and not a lie
Is there time for me to turn from the place where I will surely fry

But there is no answer coming from beyond the grave
For it has sealed the lips of the fearful and the brave
There is but one way to find the answer that we crave
By faith we believe Jesus is He who will save

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