Continuing Ease of Conflict

Ease, pleasure and contentment are the desire but not the order of the day. Paul asks in Romans seven “O wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me from the body of this death? ” Another perspective is the old poem of opposing worlds:

“Two natures beat within my breast,
The one is foul the on is blessed,
The one I love the one I hate,
The one I feed will dominate.”

It is true that choices result in consequences. It is also true that great influence is often brought to bear upon our choices by someone other than ourselves. We are influenced and make choices based upon our perception of the benefit or sacrifice we find agreeable or at least acceptable. Everyone is aware of this. We all choose. Sometimes we miss. Sometimes we lose.

It is the norm for expectations to be expressed and often to be unmet. Our perception of our situation is good or bad based on our expectations. I want to choose to be pleasing. I want to expect good things will come my way. I want to perceive that all things are working in concert for my eternal good. So I want the overwhelming influence in my choices to be the Word of Jesus Christ.

Ease, pleasure and contentment are simply perceptions based upon expectations. And I expect I am good with that.

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