What do it take to win?

Your divine destiny dwells deep within the design and determined will of the creator of all. Just do it. Be the You which He has purposed and designed you to be. Make no provision for the distractions which are cast before you by the enemy of your soul. Strive for the mastery of the skills and talents He has birthed within you. Regard knowing Him as preeminent and helping others to know Him as life itself.

All the rest is periphery, secondary and if you will allow me to say so, only necessary to endure as far as it advances His preeminence and your opportunity to promote Him. You do not need to be the best, first, strongest, smartest or adored; He is.

Neither do you need to be found apathetic, lethargic, wandering nor gluttonous of treasures and pleasures. If you are to be seen as the hands and feet of Jesus, if you long to enter into the presence of your Lord with Joy, if you will truly esteem others above yourself, then the You which you are is all you need to be.

Just do it.

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