Poster Child

You are the poster child for something. Knowing what you are seen as by others enables you to be “the You” you were designed to be. All the experiences and influences you have had up to this moment in your life impact “the You” others see you as. To be fair they view you through the filter of the experiences and influences they have had up to this moment. And whether it is fair or not, you are “the You” they see you as. At least to them you are. To you, “the You” you believe yourself to be is often a great deal different than “the You” others perceive. So while your poster may not agree with their poster, you are the poster child for something.
The older we get, the more we forget the brashness and arrogance we presented in our youth. The only reason we see any semblance of it at all, is because we disdain in the younger folks we find it necessary to deal with. We see are selves as wise and time tested. Certainly not the crotchety, set in our ways, curmudgeons others see. Yet bursting with youthful enthusiasm and confidence we dismiss the cautious perspective of those who have done this a time or two already. Or maybe twenty or thirty years. Obviously if they had done it our way, it would have been better.
And perhaps you are right. Maybe there is no need to consider the wisdom of experience or the new thoughts of a new set of eyes with a different view of things. I can do it my way without them. I am in charge of this little corner of the universe by virtue of my salary and assigned duties and honestly why should I care if they don’t like the way I do it?
Yet there is an example we might do well to heed. It is in the Bible. It speaks over and over of the necessity of obedience, of duty, of higher purpose. Every organization same necessities. Someone needs to be in charge or no one is. The benefit of limitations and organization is found in eliminating stampedes and wildfires. Believing your own press is a deadly lesson to learn. Apple carts are not difficult to overturn. A two headed body is an oddity which suffers cohesion.
Examining whether the responsibility matches the experience is usually what leads to assignment. Examining performance in those assignments leads to assessment, reflection, instruction and adjustments. Making those adjustment changes the Poster Child you are. Have you soared? Stretched your wings? Covered more ground than you were intended too? Stretching may help you to grow. It seldom happens quickly. It often requires resets. Believing the parameters may stifle or limit. Believing the parameters may protect and stabilize.
One last thought, you do not get to choose the poster child others see you as. You simply are “the You” you are. And only you can adjust that with the help of those you “print” your poster in their mind.

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