Wise Words Win

Wonderfully wise words win wounded warriors. Warriors are everyday people with the weapons given to fight their daily battles. We don’t often think of the daily existence as a fight. The Apostle Paul is recorded as saying the weapons of our warfare are not carnal (fleshly) but spiritual. A modern soldier would need weapons appropriate for their field of conflict. Carpenters and plumbers, police and firemen, teachers and preachers all require unique skills and weapons (tools) to meet the needs of their daily endeavors. Warriors fight the fight of their choosing. They train and test their metal in conflicts large and small so they might know their capabilities. Direction comes from the leaders they serve. For the Christian the battle is lifelong. The victories are in obedience. The defeats are stepping stones and lessons for tomorrows.

Warriors are wounded in victories and in defeats. Warriors are wounded in battles. Facing the enemy recognizes the possibility, even the probability or wounds being inflicted. Unfortunately, wounds do not always come only from the enemy. They even come from the obedient comrades in arms who may not understand the mission of those they wound. Missions are not decided by the warriors. There are directed from above, conveyed by messengers, entered into with knowledge and experience and used to the profit of those placed in harms way. Wounds come as a normal course in each day. Would it be a marvelous world in which to live where warriors never shrink from the challenge, never question the chosen path, never doubt their abilities or performance. But the wounds do come. They impact performance and hinder decisive action even in the most senior warriors. Wounds hurt, personally, physically, mentally and most of all spiritually.
Win at all costs is a flawed mantra. The greatest cost is often paid but it is not the worst price to pay. Warriors do not just win in battles with the enemy. They win in confidence, in esteem, in obedience and the rewards are much more than just accolades. Warriors are told when they perform well. Warriors count the victories and enjoy the company of the converted won in battles. And warriors suffer the ignominy of the wounds from those they counted as friends and comrades. We anticipate that warriors will be wounded and slain in the course of obedience to the Master in the conflict with the enemy. We know that we win when we get home. We strive for mastery and excellence in our spiritual endeavors so our skills and be used to the greatest desire of the One we call Lord. Regardless of our condition at the end of the current battle, we win through His use of us. The one cost of winning is obedience.
Words according to James are the weapons of mass destruction. Words matter in how they are understood, meant and used. Yahs are not nays nor vice versa. Approval is conveyed and denied through words. Words were used to mean some things in one culture or time and another as perceptions and languages and life experiences change. Words are used to encourage and to debilitate. Words are often vain attempts to allow the speaker to play a role higher than providence intended. There is an important phrase to remember when considering the words a warrior might employ. “There is a God and YOU are not Him.” The WORD comes from above, from the father of lights. It comes in perfection and promise and power beyond the ability of mere mortals to comprehend. Yet warriors are not mere mortals. They are skilled, trained, talented, chosen vessels fit for the master’s use. They are endowed with God the Holy Spirit. His presence is not just the temporary holding place but the infusion into every muscle and sinew and corpuscle to the full ownership of all that is what King David called his mighty men of valor.
Wise is the Warrior who heeds the words of his or her sovereign. Wisdom is the gift of words and experience, of obedience and correction. Wise words win the hearts and minds of the emissaries sent by our enemy. The victory in Christ is the joy of the messengers of God and the harbinger to the fate of the enemy. God alone is the wise one. Wisdom is His to disperse by measure as He sees fit. He promises to pour it upon those who delight in His word. He places it within the hearts and minds of His mighty warriors as guides providing light to their path and lamps to their feet. Wisdom s in knowing the words of the wise ones who have gone before. Wisdom is in choosing to believe the truth and deny the liar. Wise Words Win. Whatever the battle, whatever the conflict, whatever the test, those who are wise will depend upon the Word. For the Word became flesh and dwelt among us being the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.
Wonderfully created in the mother’s womb. Wonderfully designed for the Master’s distinct purpose. Wonderfully led by the Spirit of the Living God, living in every cell of your being. Wonderfully gifted by the giver of good and perfect gifts, the Father of lights. Even evil men know how to give good things to the children they love, how much more will He give unto them who are obedient Warriors. Wonderfully used to accomplish the desires of the creator. Wonderfully expended on the battlefield of the soul. Wonderfully promoted to the rewards on high. Wonderfully defined as Good and Faithful servant who will enter into the JOY of their Lord.
So what about the wounded who are still with us? They have fought the fight but not finished the course. They are gifted and skilled but laid aside in the wasteland of accusations and condemnation. Wounded by enemy and friendly fire alike. Wounded in heart and spirit. Wanting to be used and exercised to strengthen for the next battle but shunned and judged and hurt. We who are spiritual seem not to be restoring such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest you also be tempted. Indeed, we are not disposed to consider if we were the one overtaken in a fault. How then should we acquit our selves before our Master. Wonderfully wise words win wounded warriors. Warriors are everyday people with the weapons given to fight their daily battles. Sometimes even warriors get wounded in the fight. They do not need their errors highlighted and lifted for all the world to see. Their heavenly Father already knows the depths of their need. And he is waiting for His faithful servants to use the Wonderfully Wise Words He has placed within them to Win the Wounded Warriors back to their fully restored placed in His service.

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