Without Merit

So tell me of your righteous ways
How much is wrought as you Fast and Pray
This time and that when you consecrated the day
And how by your hand the enemy is kept at bay

Declare how men marvel at your words
That through your exploits flags are unfurled
By wisdom so great you increase your herds
How your mere presence leaves lowly hearts stirred

Proclaim your own goodness because it is so
Let others bask in your life giving flow
Determine the day by all you foreknow
Promoting your increase as what must grow

For all of these things are what people do seek
None are quite willing to be humble and meek
Their pride and pomp are the stench and the reek
Not the odors which please but cracked pots that leak

Those who are so fooled to think they have wrought
Great works by their hand or clever thought
Are blinded by the lust of treasures they have sought
Not knowing the cost by which truth is bought

His Love is the answer that pays the price
It is never just a matter of being good or nice
Only the holy One is purely void of selfish vice
“Do you love Me?” is the question asked thrice

Answer once for yourself in arrogant pride
Then twice as the Spirit grips you inside
The third time be humbled as your soul is tried
Knowing you have eaten the fruit and lied

Still there is hope, there is a way to be free
For the scripture says He has died for thee
In truth we are without merit except His plea
“Father forgive them, You gave them to Me.”

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