Is He Able?

He is Able. The goodness of God leads us to repentance. The scriptures clearly state that it is so. It is not our sorrow for our misdeeds nor the acknowledgement of our short comings when comparing ourselves to the standards and laws of God’s written word. It is rather God’s declaration of His love for us, His profession of His own kindness toward us which draws us to the place of turning from our selfish choices. When we should have been forever the object of His wrath we became the recipients of His love.

We then find delight in walking in His ways. Not because of the threat of His divine and Holy wrath, but because of His example and demonstration of His loving character of kindness toward us. We choose Him because He first chose us. We love Him because He first loved us. We die daily to sin because His first died for all our sin. We live for Him because He lives evermore for us. He has given to us eternal life and we shall never perish.

We dishonor Him and disgrace His Holiness and promises when we claim that we can lose life eternal through our sin. His death is sufficient for all sin. His forgiveness is greater than all sin. His gift is received by those who choose to believe He is. That He is God Almighty. That He is Savior to all who believe. That He is able to keep that which He has committed. That He is the very kindness which leads us to repentance. To profess otherwise is to deem Him as insufficient, unworthy, unfaithful, untrue and incapable of securing the promise of eternity without our direct and pitiful intervention.

He is ABLE. And I am His.

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  1. Joshua says:

    Your way with words and your crafty sentences bring the TRUTHS of God alive in text. Thanks John for posting today.

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