My Place in God’s Grace

I listened for God and heard Him say “It’s not odd, that you should seek after my face. For I put in your heart from before you did start, to seek after Me in this new place. On obedience you did stand to fulfill what is grand, as you yearned for My unfailing grace. Others have heard Me call and wondered if I was real at all, but then chose to wander in the old familiar pace. So now that you’ve come though is seems strange to some, I’ll reveal my desires as oil poured from a vase. Hear me well my child who has turned from all worldly wild, to know My Holiness and embrace. No cleverly worded prose can declare Sharon’s sweet rose, like a heart who obeys reserving not a trace. Fully committed to know my good pleasure is living on earth in heavenly treasure, and this is my mission for your race.”

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